Too Little Time

As I was so rudely reminded yesterday in my state of it's-only-been-two-weeks-of-school bliss, I am taking this exam in eight weeks. EIGHT! That's barely any time at all! I'm pretty sure my stress level and blood pressure sky rocketed hearing that. My point is, studying tips and personal mantras and stress relievers and whatever else you've got, throw them at me. Because as of last night, my motto went from "Keep calm and carry on" straight to "Oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit." Yikes.


  1. don't stress too much, you'll be great! lots and lots of practice questions. timed. good luck!

  2. Good luck :) You'll do just fine ... sometimes a little hint of rude awakening is good to kick you into gear, just don't let it overwhelm you. Go outside, breathe the ocean air, bask in the sun, and fly a kite while chowing down on an awesome picnic.

    Life is the journey too ... not just the result :)

  3. hey girl!

    i recently took the GRE and here are my tips to keepin' calm:

    -familiarize yourself with the test, from material to formatting. format is especially important because when you see the real test, you'll most likely be more calm because you've "seen it before".

    -do practice problems like no other.

    -a study group always helps.

    -if you get tired of reading, look up MCAT material on youtube. that's always entertaining... but make sure it's relevant! :)

    -get plenty of sleep the night before the test. don't stay up late to cram because that is the worst thing you could do to your brain! :)

    -don't coop yourself in your house 7 days leading up to the test. get out, have coffee with a friend, anything. no matter what, don't study for long periods of time without taking a break. also, try to not study as much during the few days before the test.

    -keep an optimistic attitude. walk in to the test knowing and thinking you're going to do great! if you think something is going to happen, it will most likely happen. :)

    i hope that helps! if i think of anymore i'll be sure to let you know. best of luck!

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  4. I agree with the last thing Michael said... sometimes I think we all need to remember that more often.

    But anyway, good luck! It's easier to absorb things if you're not freaking out ;p

  5. Study hard! PS. Stop by 7% Solution, I tagged you for an award.


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