Throw Me Tomorrow, Oh, Oh!

Top: (from my mother, shoulder pads removed); Cardigan: H&M; Shorts: Old Navy; Tights: Target; Boots: Ross

So, first of all, I really want to say thank you to all of you who gave me tips and consolation about the MCAT. It's truly appreciated. I'm freaking out a lot less after talking to some good friends and I think it was just a big shock to realize it's so close.

That being said, my first real tripod pictures! Yay! Also, my favorite Zumba session is today! So, I hope you'll be enjoying your Thursdays as much as I'll be enjoying mine!


  1. Is this by your school? It's cool! I like those boots, definitely redeeming. =)

  2. It's really close to my apartment, actually.

  3. I love your fashion pics! Also, love your old motto and your new one. I say it under my breath, often. ;-)

    Glad you feel a bit better.

  4. I love this look!


    Linton from London

  5. love your top! you look so pretty!

    hope you'll come visit us again soon!
    xo, camilla & valerie

  6. cute! i love the way shorts/tights look, but i'm still working up the nerve to do it. adding the tough boots is quite cool.


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