TED Talks

Perhaps it's because midterm season* has begun, or possibly I've just been in a strange mood, but in the last couple days, I've found that all I want to do is read articles or watch lectures. Some of the stuff I've seen/read is just so interesting. Usually, when I'm in a mood like this, I go to my personal mecca of awesome lectures.

Let me introduce you guys to TED. TED's motto is "Ideas Worth Sharing" and they take amazing, visionary, and often famous people from a huge number of faculties and careers, and they have them give talks on their subjects of expertise. Personally, even though I like biology ones the most, I've watched some truly impressive talks on economics, global health, music, fashion, aging, and politics.

Some samples I thought you guys might like:

Isaac Mizrahi on Fashion and Creativity

Hans Rosling on New Insights on Poverty

Mathieu Lehanneur on Science-Inspired Living and Design

Some other prominent speakers to check out if you like these that they've had: VS Ramachandran (neuroscience/psychology), Bono, James Cameron, Bill Clinton, Richard Dawkins, Noah Feldman, Bill Gates, Elizabeth Gilbert, Malcolm Gladwell, Jamie Oliver, and Craig Venter!

*On the quarter system, it's a season, because you may have midterms anywhere between week 3 and week 8, and that's just how it is.


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