Skipping Around

I'm like...two weeks behind on outfit posts, meaning that I seem to have gathered this immense collection of photos of things I wore that I haven't posted yet. But I like some better than others (like this one) I'm just going to post them entirely out of order at some point because half of them, I can't even remember when I wore. Okay. And I'll let you know when I'm all caught up!

I wore this dress like 5 times over 3 weeks of break. ♥

I realize this is super blurry, but we look like we live somewhere cold!

I spent New Years Eve with some really good friends, including Amy of VeryAimee. Since she's a personal style icon of mine, and on the command that I "make sure to dress fabulous!!" I got dolled up (sort of) and we ventured (probably grossly under-dressed) into freezing cold weather.


  1. At first I looked at that picture and was like, "Wow my hand is super white." And then I remembered that those were gloves...

    Your outfit picture is Rather Aimee if I do say so myself :P

  2. You guys look fabulous like always.

    Mugdha, is that the faux-anthro dress?

  3. Amy: Such a compliment, haha. I only get coached by the best!
    Aki: Yes, ma'am! I love love love it.

  4. Haha, I was referring to the setting and the pose! Actually comparing yourself to me as a compliment would be really conceited of me... >>

  5. Hey! Is that a Plenty by Tracy Reese dress from Anthropologie? Because I think I have the same one! :)

  6. Your dress looks amazing and inspires me to treat my shopping deficit disorder!


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