Out of the Desert and Into the Sun

Blazer: Macy's; Scarf: Handmade (by my aunt); Jeans: Airways (from India)

For a little while, I was all about this blazer. Well, blazers in general, but seeing as I only own two, this blazer mostly. I love the pinstripes and how it adds a little formality to my favorite Something Corporate band t-shirt.

Today, I ran into a friend from a class I'd taken over the summer and we decided to get coffee and catch up. He's taking a Kaplan class for his MCAT in April (a month after mine) and we ended up discussing study habits, among other things. It made me realize that, a) I need to step it up by like 200% in the self-motivated studying department if I want to do well on this test, b) people seem to think I'm smarter and more motivated than I would ever give myself credit for, which is an impression I should probably strive to maintain and c) I should really try to stay friends with the people I meet in classes. Some of them are nice, down-to-earth, smart and don't turn out to be pompous douchebags halfway through the quarter. Plus, study-buddies; I need them.


  1. I love blazers as well! They build shape and structure into every outfit! Like you, I love the way they can dress up t-shirts. Perfect!

    How did you do your hair?

  2. Just took a curling iron to it, haha.

  3. super cute blazer. love the scarf it looks so comfy

  4. Love the pinstripes! You look so chic girl :]


  5. your hair looks amazing!

    SWEATshirt DRESSshirt

  6. heyy there(: just found your blogg! its so cute and lots of fun! im lovinggg your scarff(: and i really like the post below too! some great ideas and inspiration here(: so glad i stopped by!



  7. incredible blog :-)


  8. Thats for commenting! I as well LOVE blazers, I have one close to what your wearing! Good luck studying for the GMAT!

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