Recently, I have been simply dying to get an oversize, off-the-shoulder sweater. Maybe because it's winter, maybe because they just look so darn warm and comfy, but either way, I want one. I keep reading reviews for various ones (because I'm obsessed with reviews) and some of the ones I want, people have said that they slide up the shoulders and run small. Boo.

Tips? Suggestions? Knowledge that somewhere is having a massive sale? Let. Me. Know.


  1. I've actually heard that NY&Co was having a sale. But this is from my mom. I'm not sure if I ever saw off the shoulder sweaters in that shop though.

    I don't really understand this trend. I feel like it'll make most of me relatively warm and give me really, really cold shoulder/s that'll make me want to bury myself in the sweater. I feel cold when I look at the models. >.<

    Oh yeah! And try Express.

  2. I think most tops that are supposed to show both shoulders like that will inevitably slide up. If they are loose enough around the shoulders that they don't do that, then... well, they're probably TOO loose. So.. you're gonna have to deal with constantly adjusting, I think.


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