"Break Their Neck!"

I am back and (mostly) better and my physio midterm is done! Yay!

There was an interesting question on our midterm about what substances we might administer to someone facing the death penalty, specifically to: a) put them to sleep, b) paralyze them, and c) stop their heart and the mechanism of how the substance works. Gruesome question, I know, but I thought the answers were fairly straight forward from what I'd studied and what we'd learned in lecture. However, when I turned my test in, I noticed the paper underneath mine said: a) Ambien (which, technically, is right, but he totally didn't explain how), b) break their neck! (which does kill them, I guess, but the exclamation point's a little creepy), and c) Poison (Vague much?). Seeing that not only vastly improved my mood, but also made me feel significantly better about my own test. I mean, really? "Break their neck" isn't even a substance. I would have accepted severed spinal cord between the cervical and thoracic vertebrae, but wow.

I know that was particularly nerdy of me, but I wanted to share. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. Hooray, your font's bigger. It makes me feel significantly less blind.

    I love interesting questions like this. It's like accounting ethics. We all put down the right answer... but we all know we'd actually do things different.


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