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This week, as many of you know, I have an insane number of finals. For those of you who don't recall right way, finals week has its own lifestyle. Tensions get high, people are stressed, coffee and junk food become staple dietary necessities, dishes pile up, clothes get left around, and somehow, the number of non-academic-but-totally-awesome things you can do on the internet suddenly triples. Seriously, people should study the finals week habits of college students, because I'm pretty sure we change species for a bit there.
Anyway, this finals week has made me realize things in the form of (possibly obvious) advice that I'd like to share with you all:

Dita Von Teese is probably the only woman to ever grocery shop in 6-inch heels.
1. Do not buy groceries on an empty stomach. Even if you're a compulsive list-maker like I am, chances are, if you're hungry (and stressed), you will purchase those brownies and rationalize your way to some chocolate syrup and ice cream to go on top. This is especially bad during finals (and pregnancy, I guess), when things that you'd otherwise never eat (read: peanut butter covered turkey franks) suddenly sound delicious.
2. Put on some chapstick for those matte red lips. I find that the incidence of hoodies and sweatpants goes way up around finals, and I don't like it. It's true that you really don't want to try and take your 3-hour final with your hottest jeans digging into your stomach (full of peanut butter turkey franks) the whole time, but the Mean Girl in me thinks sweatpants all week are a little much. And, you know, the look-good-feel-good confidence helps, I think. I find that a quick way to liven up my casual, comfortable, t-shirt and jeans days is to put on red lipstick. Usually, I like glossy red lips, but frankly, too much gloss ends up looking hooker-y on me. Thus, in order to reduce the fading and drying, I've taken to applying some of my favorite Dr. Pepper chapstick to the top. It works, I swear.

I hope everyone had wonderful weekends!


  1. I agree about the hoodies and sweatpants. I always dress up a little for tests. At some point in my life, I read some random research that said you perform better when you feel like you look great, and it rang true so I ran with it.

    (Then again, I also still believe that anything you eat during finals week doesn't count as calories. People tell me I'm wrong but I know I'm not.)

    Best of luck!!

  2. Thanks! People actually think those calories count?! That's nuts. I eat what I want on finals week.

  3. Whether I'm hungry or not, I always want to buy cake when I'm at the grocery store...

    what brand of lipstick do you use, by the way?

  4. I absolutely love this post, haha. Finals week seriously has an entire culture of its own!


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