Neutral Overload

I'm not one to usually mix the grays, browns, and blacks all together, but I thought it worked here. Pardon the setting/quality; I'm at home and my family mocks me when I try and take pictures outside or where they can see. Sad, I know.

Lace Top: thrifted, Brown thermal & Leggings: Target, Belt: F21

Also, I finally got a tripod! So, hopefully, after I've finished the backlog of outfit posts I've got, they won't be at really crappy, unsteady angles with weird reflections in them!


  1. loving that cute little belt.

  2. You got a tripod? How fun! Where did you get it and how much was it? Do you like it?

  3. Now that I look at this outfit in pictures, I think you should try it with a thicker belt!


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