Literary Oddities

My internet situation at home is abysmal. As in, the wireless is broken and somehow, amongst the 5 million wires in our office closet, there only seems to be one ethernet cable. So now we're all fighting for net time, which has put me absurdly behind on reading blogs and doing my own posts. Apologies.

Since I once again, have about 4 minutes left of internet time, I will just share this fun little website that Doctor Grumpy shared a while ago that I may have spent all the time I should otherwise have been reading blogs, perusing. Some of these books would make hilarious White Elephant gifts!

Bar Mitzvah Disco and
All These Other Awesome Titles



  1. I have not tried that , thanks for the tip! xxx

  2. Haven't tried it either, great share!

  3. i was looking for something new to read... ill give this a try! x
    thanks for the lovely comment on my blog - drop by again sometime! xxxx


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