A Little Speckled Ink

A while ago, I saw this amazing dress while on my routine stop at Anthropologie, where I go in, try on half the store, and don't buy anything. But, it was beautiful and it fit me well, and I had to have it. So, even with its $170 price tag, I bought it; just outright on impulse. However, I kept getting this nagging feeling that I shouldn't have. I couldn't even get myself to take the tag off, and the first time I wore it (with tag on), I couldn't properly enjoy it and how awesome it looked, because I was too busy being careful with it. Eventually, I just couldn't justify owning it anymore, and I returned it.

Then, yesterday, I was playing with my brand new Polyvore account (as if I need more ways to procrastinate), and looking through ModCloth dresses, when (can you believe it?!) I stumbled across this:
The dress! It was the dress! Except a little shorter (which fits my height better anyway) and less than half the price including 2-day shipping. Let me repeat that, less than half the price. Needless to say, I bought that thing so fast, Rebecca Bloomwood would have been impressed. I'm just hoping my two-day shipping request means it will get here before I leave on Sunday. Thank god for UPS Online Tracking, because without being able to check on my baby 5 times an hour, I would be lost.

You guys, I am so excited for this dress!


  1. Awww.....glad you were able to find a comparable dress that you felt more comfortable with...it truly is a great piece:)

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    Style Sample Magazine NEWS EDITOR♥

  2. Wowee, that dress is awesome! You have great taste!

  3. i love the dresses... beautiful!!! have a fun weekend!

  4. I am such a dork - I just saw this post, after seeing you wear the dress in a later post. But hey - that means it must be a real ringer for the Anthro one, because I thought they were the same dress (and that you had just shortened it or something).

    Also, you will be pleased to know that I didn't pay even CLOSE to full-price on the one I bought (I couldn't justify it either, so when I found it on sale for $40, I snatched it up).


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