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You guys all know about my undying, complete and total love for Harry Potter, and if you're new (hi!) and you don't yet, trust me, you will. A few months ago, I discovered this site: Dear Mr. Potter, It's started by a high school girl, Lily, as a blog-based charity project. She's encouraging people to submit their Harry Potter experience stories to be considered for a book she's trying to get published about being a part of the 'Harry Potter' generation.
I really want to submit my story, obviously, but really, how do I express this feeling? Do I include a picture? Should I shelve my inability to craft/draw, and try and create something? Should I record a video or song? Nothing seems like enough. I want to be in this book...more than anything (above going to medical school, but below meeting JK Rowling on the scale of obviously properly prioritized life goals). I know I'm not alone in how much this series means to me and my life, but I have a secret selfish notion that it's meant the most to me, that my childhood was the only one so immensely affected. I know, objectively, that this is irrational, but even if I try to put that feeling aside, I have absolutely no idea, you guys, how to go about doing this.

Please help me. Any suggestions are so incredibly welcome.


  1. Well, if it's going to be published in a book, a video or song doesn't really make sense. I guess you have to write something that stands out, and won't sound like what everyone else might right. (Haha, feels like I'm advising you on college application essays.) Perhaps a poem. narrative, or even a blog/journal type memoir?

  2. I think you should start by writing a small (you can add to it) list of what you like about the series. Whatever you think of is fine. Later go back and link that thing to how it makes you feel or why you liked it. A list of cause and effect of the series in your life would help too. I bet your story will start to form.

  3. I remember some friends once taking a picture with their reflection as well as some words written on a mirror.


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