Brrr! It's Cold In Here!

The temperature outside when I left my apt was 34˚F.

That picture is kind of what my windshield looked like this morning, but less patterned (read: less cool). For the first time ever in my life, I had to chip frost off of it!! This was so exciting for me! Phoenix gets cold, but I don't think it's humid enough to actually create a very good layer of ice on your windshield. This, on the other hand, took me a good 15 minutes to scrub off (possibly because I'm kind of a n00b at it). Also, I could see my breath all morning which put me in a really good mood. Actually, I hate being cold, but I do enjoy this season.

Winter is Here!

I am a firm believer in seasonal hairstyles. Granted, I don't usually act as I believe (mainly out of...laziness), but some kinds of hair just look better in certain seasons. Curls are what I think of when I think about winter hair. The volume is perfect for keeping warm, and for getting snow caught in, and for wearing cute beanies and berets! So my mission this season is to curl my hair more often (and buy a beret)!

I keep coming up with all these missions and self-improvement projects and things to do because it's the week before finals and I am subconsciously trying to procrastinate studying. Bad. If I preoccupy myself with stuff like this for too long, I am legitimately not going to do well. You guys, I might need an intervention. Especially because the title of this post makes me want to re-watch Bring It On.



  1. i agree with you on enjoying winter...but not being cold. haha! :)

    SWEATshirt DRESSshirt

  2. Phoenix as in Phoenix, Arizona?! I just moved from there & that is so, so crazy that it was 34 degrees. EEP. ♥

  3. Haha wow we're warmer way up here in Seattle ... at least for now. We had a 16 degree low and snow just last week. We bought a sled so we're prepared for the next city-wide icing-over, haha. Like you said, Phoenix gets cold but this is my first time living somewhere with enough humidity to ice over the streets and snow! Yay for actual *seasons*!

  4. I walked out the door this morning to see snow fluttering about. Beautiful but yikes, it just means coldness and more coldness!

    Wow, snow in Phoenix!



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