Time Warp!

Somewhere around the ninth grade, when I was really still trying to find myself and feel comfortable in high school, some friends and I watched The Rocky Horror Picture Show. All about breaking boundaries and social norms, my initial viewing of this movie.......made me fall asleep. I was tired and confused and more than a little weirded out by the whole thing. Then later, my friends thought we should have a Halloween theme party and watch it again. I was a really tame Magenta, but for some reason, watching it that time around, I loved it. We'd printed the script and shouted out all the call backs, like true midnight-viewing nerds. So, when I found out Glee was doing Rocky Horror, I was a little skeptic. I mean, surely they'd have to tone it down so much that it wouldn't even be Rocky Horror anymore! But after watching it, I'm pretty sure I have only one bad thing to say (which is that they changed too many of the lyrics)! It turned out great! Kurt was an amazing Riff Raff and Jayma Mays's rendition of "Touch-A Touch-A Touch Me" was so adorable and perfect that I honestly might be starting to like it better than the original! I realize this sounds like fangirling, but once again, Glee really impressed me. And right around Halloween, it seemed like a fitting thing to post about. Hope everyone's Halloween was to die for!



  1. AWW i haven't gotten a chance to watch the rocky horror picture show episode of glee...let alone the britney spears one! haha! but i heard they were both good. --and magenta is my favorite character! :)

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