Thank You

I hope everyone had a wonderful Veteran's Day! I thought I was going to be having a nice relaxing day with my laptop and my favorite scrupulous serial killer, Dexter, but then I found myself desperately in need of some things. Thus, a trip to the mall was in order. First, I required a red shirt to make pretty for the Deathly Hallows premiere. Old Navy saw to that pretty quickly. Then I headed to Papyrus because several recent encounters with professors and their wisdom had left me needing to buy some 'thank you' cards. I unintentionally spent a full hour in there. Found some adorable cards, though. It was nuts because some were way out of my price range and I still couldn't decide which to buy.

Simple, but chic. Lovely, as Kate Spade always is.

Adorable, and Martha Stewart. Another classic.

Pretty!! And teal!

These were the ones I settled on. I like them. :)

I'm going to be going to a huge neuroscience conference this weekend, which is oh-so-creatively called Neuroscience 2010 and I am (really dorkily) excited for it!! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!



  1. wow! i didn't even know kate spade made stationary. it is definitely cute, but sounds pricey! my favorite of these would have to be the teal ones. :)

    you are so thoughtful to be writing cards to your professors! have fun at the conference! sounds like it will be interesting.

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  2. I love Kate Spade stationery....its so prefect!!

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    I’m an MTV Style Blogger of the Week!!♥

  3. I'm glad you settled on the last one, it's my favourite too!


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