Ups and Downs

|The Absolute Value of -1| by Steve Brezenoff

I spent the day reading this book. Yes, I had class, but several things have me on edge, and when I'm on edge, I read. Escapism, for the win. Anyway, first, I woke up abysmally early today to finish a report, so I ended up leaving the house in a crazy printing/dressing frenzy in which I forgot completely to put on eyeliner. A travesty, considering my near dependence on the stuff. I also chugged two cups of coffee. Bad choice. Second, today is my first day of work at my new job, and I'm sort of nervous. Yeah, it's a second part-time job, but it's the first time I've worked anywhere I have to talk to customers, so the jitters are building. The eyeliner thing really didn't help that whole deal either, obviously. Third, I am legitimately worried about my future.

The book helped. It's a somewhat-depressing, somewhat-messed-up story about three teenagers whose lives are terrible, but then they go and screw them up more in hopes of making them better, and in the end none of them end up getting what they want. Cheery, right? Right. Very well written though, in my extremely judgmental opinion. Regardless, it gave me something to do for 5 hours and convinced me that my life could be significantly worse and that I should look on the bright side. So, here it is! Bright side: I didn't have to go to class all day and now I get to go home and put on eyeliner! Also, it rained and my feet have been dry in my boots all day! Yay!


  1. Lovely blog! A pleasure to read! Take care and have a great weekend :)

  2. I've heard that there's no such thing as legitimate worrying ("worrying doesn't solve any problems, so just cut it out"), but I have a very hard time convincing my mind of's so hard when everything seems so uncertain.


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