Rain, Rain, Go Away

The weather has been awful today. It started out nice and cheery in the morning, if not a little cold. Thus, I wore my gray pea coat and new silver flats and thought all would be just fine and dandy. I come out of my first class, and what do you know? It's raining. Being from Arizona and all, I think 'not used to rain' is a huge understatement. Until college, my whole family owned one umbrella, I don't think anyone had legitimate rain jackets, and certainly nobody owned rain boots. The only rain we got was fleeting (read: downpours that last only minutes) and far apart.

So, I walked approximately thirty minutes between classes (determined to not be truant!) in the rain (because, of course, today was the one day I'd left my umbrella in another bag) and ended up cold, wet, tired, and sick. Then, I had a moment of resistance in which I decided one absence would be worth it to make a trip to the store to pick up some rain boots, and then I immediately felt way better. And drier. And warmer.

These ones, in fact. They're not Ramona, but they were cheap and cute and keep my toes extremely warm and dry, like they should.

Days like this make me miss home, though...



  1. Wow, that's a nice picture of Tempe Town Lake... makes Arizona look much more impressive than it really is! :x

  2. Lol I agree with Amy .. makes AZ actually look pretty, haha

    I bought my first pair of swedish Tretorn rain boots ... about to post on my blog right now :-p

  3. i have always wanted to go to arizona! i heard that it gets extremely hot there in the summer... that would definitely be an experience! :)

    cute rainboots btw. i know how you feel about the rain. bleh. haha!

    SWEATshirt DRESSshirt

  4. I'm delighted to "meet" you and your blog-looking forward to diving into your archives and learning more about both of you!

    xx, Lena


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