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One of the things I enjoy about the blogs are I read are the daily/weekly/other outfit posts. I'm inspired by other people wanting to dress well on days that I feel like wearing sweatpants to class. So, since my new dress from modcloth came, I've been wanting to do one of these posts.

Cardigan: Macy's

Shoes: Charlotte Russe

Tried different times of day.

I kind of love this dress. I mean, it has pockets. Pockets make the world go round! I was inspired to wear the leggings because a) it was freezing cold today and b) they matched the belt. Also, I had a really wonderful day and I'm almost convinced it was because of that dress.

What do you think?


  1. I love skirts and dresses with pockets. I feel flustered without them. Great post.

  2. Nice work! I also love dresses with pockets! Infact, due to the consensus, why don't ALL dresses have pockets? :-D

  3. Adorable pictures and glad to see you look good despite being sick.

    ...Boots = still no. Sorry.

  4. Nice dress! I'm also a huge fan of pockets. They're just so practical.

    Sidewalk Chalk

  5. I think THAT is a fantastic dress on you! Pockets are a wonderful bonus - I've gotten so spoiled I expect a dress or skirt to come with pockets nowadays. I like how you pair them with the boots to keep it from being too sweet - you look awesome!


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