Lust List Monday: Kate Spade Book Clutch

So, I've been having a terrible, horrible, no-good, very-bad couple of days because my seasonal cold has decided to come early this year. I can't stand being sick, mainly because my immune system is usually pretty good, and I can usually catch the one seasonal cold I always get before it even starts and get over it in a day or two. This one's been awful though, so I'm going to spend the day resting on the couch with I Love Lucy DVDs and hot tea. But, then as I was checking my email, I discovered these gems from Kate Spade and I felt like I had to share them. Yes, today's Lust List is one item, but trust me, it's worth it.

They have Great Expectations and others too!

I almost had an aneurysm at the sight of these. They're so cute and functional, and I would love to have one of those at my side for the night! Then I almost had another aneurysm when I looked at the price tag. Well, Lucy calls! Enjoy your days!



  1. Hope you feel better! <3

  2. Hope you get better soon! I'm hoping I won't get any seasonal bugs this year... drink lots of liquids! (That should help, right?)

  3. this is divine!



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