Game Day!

I mentioned my Trinity before, and I want to introduce you guys to another member of it. I've posted about them before, too, but my disappointment in the last season doesn't even begin to cover how much I love the Phoenix Suns.

Today is the official beginning of the 2010-2011 season! I am really excited and nervous about this season for several reasons, the main one of which is the new lineup. I got to see them practice because they had training camp at my college this year. I noticed that the game seemed a little slower, a bit off, but I ignored it because, really, I have faith that we'll get that chemistry back soon enough. And, plus I had a conversation with Head Coach Alvin gentry, Josh Childress signed my shoe, and I got to watch my hero, Steve Nash, practice, so really, I had nothing to complain about. I'm so excited for the season!!

Lakers on Friday; BEAT LA!



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