40 hours of travel and a particularly grueling layover in San Francisco later, I am back. Unfortunately, my stories are many, and I'd like to try and keep the summary post as non-boring as possible, so it might take a while to piece it together.

The next step is packing and moving into the new townhouse. I wish it looked like that, but sadly, my price range is closer to the hippie van end of the spectrum than the remodeled castle end. The new place is cute and cozy, though, and most importantly, I will finally have a car! No more 2-hour bus rides to downtown! Say it with me, "Hallelujah!" The downside is the to-do-list-that-keeps-on-growing that's an ominous dark rain cloud following me around all day. Sigh. There's nothing like coming back from a vacation to remind you of your responsibilities.


  1. Hahaha I think my favorite part of the whole post was your "tagging" of this entry with the label: "Stress" :-p

    Welcome back, at least :-)


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