Master of the Cold!

I just got off work. 10 hours after I started. You know why? Defrosting a freezer. So, I normally half-brag about the fact that I have to do very little cleaning/maintenance at my lab job, but this is the third freezer I have had to defrost within a year. We only have four -20 degree freezers for Christ's sake! God forbid I have to defrost the fourth soon and start all over from the first one. I swear, it is one of the few completely thankless jobs in a lab (could I possibly be overusing the italics?). Not to mention that you end up totally wet, cold, and unhappy by the end.

In other news, we had an earthquake today! It lasted about 15 seconds or so, during which I mainly watched the glass on the windows ripple. Point being, I'm probably going to die because as the building collapses around me, I will be staring fascinated at the window glass bending like a sheet of plastic.
[5.9 magnitude earthquake has just happened. Note: There is basically construction happening for 100 ft in every direction around our building. ]

Hot PD: Aren't we supposed to go outside to the designated meeting spot after to make sure everyone's safe?

Rest of Lab: Probably. [shrugs and continues work]

Me: Does anyone here even know where this meeting spot is?

Hot PD: Knowing how much the school cares about our safety, probably right in the middle of the construction.


  1. Hahaha

    I remember defrosting freezers at BNI and then nobody organizes their damn antigens and shit. You get to soak up all the wonderful water spillage :-p

    Then, 200 vials of organized blood cell isolations for clinical trial studies tumbles off of the shelf and rolls all over the floor >_<


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