Lust List Monday: MAC

Well, once again, it's Monday evening, and I'm exhausted from work/class all day, mainly because I vegetated all weekend and watched all of Firefly and Serenity, both of which are absolutely amazing. Highly, highly recommend.

See, even the LOGO is cool!

Something interesting happened while at lunch today. I was eating my Rubio's burrito on the chairs outside, enjoying myself because it was sunny, breezy, and beautiful.
[Girl from next table comes over. I am halfway through taking a huge bite out of my burrito.]

Girl: Sorry, if this is awkward, but I just wanted to say I think you're really pretty.

Me: [around a mouthful of burrito]...huhh?

Girl:Yeah, I think you're really pretty.

Me: [shifts eyes around to make sure I'm being spoken to] uh...thanks?

Girl: No, really, I thought maybe you'd noticed that I kept staring over here cause you're seriously, like, gorgeous.

Me: [having chewed and swallowed by this point] haha, thank you.
And then we proceeded to have a nice little conversation about life. Of course, post-conversation, I was a little paranoid of the possibility of it being this situation (0:20-0:36) from Mean Girls, but then I felt bad for thinking that. That all being said, today's Lust List is makeup related!

I've been meaning to try gel liner for a really long time. I've always used liquid, so I'm curious to see the difference.

I wonder if these actually work the way they're advertised

Every girl should have a dependable red lipstick.

Rouge is a must.

Seriously, how adorable is this bag?

Honestly, though, as much as I would like to buy/use these things, my normal makeup regimen takes all of...2 minutes. It goes like this: Foundation, eyeliner, blush, trademark DP chapstick, done. I like it because it's practical for me (and possibly that I'm too lazy to do more), but a girl can dream, right?!


  1. Love it, gurlll!

    The Mean Girls reference is hilarious hahaha. You are getting beaucoup de bonus points for DP chapstick!!


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