It's Always Sunny In A Rich Man's World

As I was stumbling around the internet, clearly avoiding the usual, lengthy to-do list, I discovered this gem:

Sadly, this is so true. Unfortunately, I don't know that much about finance, but as I'm slowly finding myself thrown headfirst into the world of bills and credit, this comic represents a sort of fear of mine. Up until now, I've been mostly of the mind that I could get by on just the principle of "Spend less than you earn," but apparently, I can't do that without first having large amounts of money at hand (Aaaah!). God forbid I end up with a big -$100,870 (Medical School) over my head for the rest of my life. Thus, as a way to assuage these fears, I have turned to my fall-back blog genre: money management!
A little while ago, Trent Hamm, of The Simple Dollar did an article recognizing the "Best Money Tips" from fans with notes. I thought most of this advice was fairly simple, common sense stuff, but a couple of them really stood out (with my comments in parentheses):
  • Make friends with compulsive upgraders.Compulsive upgraders always have stuff they’re giving away. Another tip along these lines: look for yard sales and garage sales in upscale neighborhoods. They’re often selling stuff for $0.50 that I’d love to have in my home. (Friends-in-high-places has taken on a whole new meaning. It might seem like frien-abuse, but, hey, if they're offering...)
  • Ask! Ask for a lower insurance rate. Ask for a better cable/deal. Ask for reduced interest. Ask about current sales/promotions. Ask for a raincheck.This works great if you’re an extrovert. (I am curious about how to reap the benefits of this for non-extroverts).
And, my personal favorite:
  • Don’t drive home past the liquor store when you work at a job that you really don’t like and consistently frustrates you!
As you can imagine, being reminded that alcohol is not the answer made me suddenly feel more confident about my new fiscal responsibilities. Though, sarcasm is probably not the answer either. Darn.
A couple more good ones:
Think Your Way To Wealth
Financial Samurai(Cool name, good advice)
Frugal Dad (The monetary version of ShitMyDadSays, I like to think)

Although I am merely hoping that this blog binge will help my monetary skills, I can say for sure that it is making me feel better and better about returning this:


  1. I read an article talking about how although a lot of people make more money as they continue working, their happiness doesn't increase as well - the exception is for people who use that money to actually pursue their life dreams (travel, learning an instrument, planning a master garden, etc).

    The reason is because when ppl make more money, they also then spend more money, so the ratio of salary : happiness never changes. If you are able to rethink whether or not you REALLY need a 4 bedroom house for two people, you will be ahead of the game. I, for one, find it fun to live in small spaces and use space creatively.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree, Michael. But, oh man, returning that dress was hard. haha


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