A Bit Of A Break

Good morning!
It's 7:30 am on the Sunday before finals week! I am about to be off to the library to study, coffee in hand.

But last night, I took the perfect study break! Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog is a short and brilliant way to avoid doing two more hours of OChem! The whole thing is under an hour long, so it's perfect to watch while you eat dinner. And it's Neil Patrick Harris singing, so, really, who could resist?

Watched the last few Gossip Girl episodes I missed of this season (guilty pleasure, what?). Not to spoil things, but if Chuck Bass is dead, I will stop watching this show.He might be a sleaze, but he has to be the "Ch" in "Chair". Also, dibs.

Quick study notes:
-If you don't need a computer, find the part of the library with no outlets to study/read in. It will be deserted.
-Bring sustenance to study. Coffee and food. Nothing distracts like a hungry tummy.
-You might tell yourself you'll study for a little bit when you get home, but you won't.
-Coffee is a man's best friend. Coffee will save you. Coffee solves all problems. Drink coffee.


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