Good morning!
I am sitting at the airport, coffee in hand, with time until my flight to San Diego boards!
Now, I love the airport. There is a certain magical anticipation in the air in places from which people are whisked off to far of locations. But, we all know layovers can quickly get boring and even stressful. So, take advantage of the free wireless internet and check out some of this aeronautic awesomeness!
Stuck at the Airport is a wonderful little travel blog with all sorts of fun things to keep you busy while you wait!
And some must haves:

Airplane luggage tags for two!

A tie the men will surely enjoy! (though for the record, it's probably inadvisable to wear it through security)

A cute bracelet to wear on and off the flight!
Ooh, we're boarding! Ta!

(sources: Etsy and weheartit)


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