Sun God Festival and Tips

Today is the Sun God Festival at my school. It's loud and crazy outside my apartment, but I kind of like the silence of our apartment right now. Nobody's here, Drake and Relient K play in a couple hours, and I'm blogging about not shampooing. I've read several blogs lately about not washing one's hair with shampoo. I want to do this. I am all about my hair being healthy, and it really wasn't before I cut it off, but I want it to be. So I think the new project is going to be not washing my hair. Yeah it'll be oily for a couple weeks, but in the end, it will be better.

Also, lately, I've been talking to a friend I hung out with last summer a lot, which I think is bad for me and I shouldn't do too much because it makes me miss the closeness again. Seriously, where are the hawties with bodies who aren't growing their hair out to a million inches at this school? J'envie d'une petite somme.


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