The Last Lecture

Yesterday, I began and finished Randy Pausch's The Last Lecture. Some family friends had given me the book for my high school graduation, but until now, I'd been a little wary of it. It seemed like the sort of books my dad read (the kind that were all about efficiency and self-improvement) and occasionally forced me to read. Normally I like my dad's taste in books, but whenever I had one of these recommended to me, they always seemed excruciatingly difficult to get through. Like how interesting could Rich Dad, Poor Dad be to a 13-year-old compared to The Last Dragonlord?! Right.

Well, I finally read it. It surprised me a lot. Yeah, it was all about optimism, so naturally, I took it with a grain of salt, but it also really imparted on me the urgency that should be associated with life. It helped me re-evaluate a recent relationship and was just the boost I needed right before a really important round of finals. Honestly though, read it. And watch this:


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