I went shopping on Monday, as a small birthday gift to myself. Cheap as I am, though, I only ended up going to Ross (don't judge). The haul was pretty awesome, if I do say so myself, and if my camera were working, I would show it to you, but instead I will be forced to find similar pictures:

Except the wedge part was straw and there were big white flowers on the toes. I didn't end up buying them, but I'm seriously considering going back. My problem with heels here is that the campus is so hilly and I have to walk through so much uneven terrain that I'm literally weighing beauty with pain. Sprained ankles aren't very attractive. Word.

Not sparkly (a shame, I know), and in red. Shows off the tattoo. =]

I'm having trouble finding pictures for the other two, but my favorite has to be the one I'm wearing today: It's a sleeveless, gray, shift-top made out of lacy, floral material. It also has this attached fake-pearl necklace and bow with it. At first, I thought the attached necklace was sort of tacky, but it's starting to grow on me.

A friend of mine is having an "I wish I were..." themed birthday party tonight that I think I might attend as Audrey Hepburn. I think I could just wear what I'm wearing now to it, with my curls and all. My other choice would be Lady Gaga. Either way, I will be wearing a lot of very red lipstick tonight.


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