Comic Dilemma

I will admit I was a little bit hesitant to be dragged into Comickaze this evening. Comic shops seem to have, as long as I can recall, been a haven for dorks and nerds and just-plain-creepers, so naturally, my first inclination was to not go. Being easily swayed by clever names though, I entered that confusing environment. See, there is a very fine line between comics that are "cool" and socially acceptable and those that are not, and that distinction seems to have created an odd duality in the comic book store that is difficult to navigate around. Standing in the x-men or star wars section: awesome. Standing in romance manga: pathetic. How does one with interests in both classify themselves? And is it possible to walk around the comic store, pointing out things you think are neat without being immediately judged? It feels like you can fall into two categories at the comic shop: either you are the kid who only reads comics and gets made fun of, or you're the douchebag making fun of him. This atmospheric dilemma in the comic book store really needs to see an end so that some of us who enjoy both star wars and romance manga can peacefully enjoy the heavenly smell of freshly printed comics.

Things did seem to get infinitely better, however, when I found the Archie and Charlie Brown comics. I am glad there are still some things that are just universally acceptable to give me my much needed comical relief.


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